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With Topjet can I also book individual tickets or should I rent the entire aircraft?
Topjet always rent the entire aircraft and the price does not change depending on the number of passengers on board.

How early should I book the flight?
First you book the more chance you have of finding an aircraft available, however, normally Topjet is able to organize a flight in less than two hours.

How much luggage can I bring with me?
Normally a medium size aircraft does not have a huge capacity for luggage, so for a full load of passengers you should bring along a soft suitcase and hand luggage. Obviously it can vary depending on the people on board.

Where can I take off and where can I land?
Topjet can arrange private flights anywhere in the world.

Can I use the time on board for a snack or a lunch?
Call our office, Topjet can organize from aperitifs to a complete dinner served hot.

Which other types of services you offer in addition to the flight?
Our experience is not limited to the organization of the flight itself, but we can book for our passengers a number of additional services to make your flight free from any stress. Some of these services are: Hotels, Restaurants, Meeting, Hostess-interpreters, car rental or car with driver etc.

What models of aircraft do you charter?
In the Fleet section of the website you can find the aircrafts owned or operated by us, but we can offer you any kind of model anywhere in the world.

How much does it cost all this?
There is not a price list due to the particularity and the possible customization of the service we offer. However we can give an indication of price for a roundtrip flight in a day from Milan to Paris around 7,500 euros for a Jet for 8 passengers. So you can understand how sometimes the private flight can also be competitive on the price.

In case I am late for my return flight will the plane wait for me? How much does it cost?
The aircraft is normally at your disposal for all day, so the wait is normal for us, otherwise why should you rent a private jet? There is not an extra charge for waiting during the day, an overnight is charged 800 euros per night.